Shreen Water Gallery is an outdoor venue where copies of original 2D artwork and 3D artwork are displayed in a socially distanced setting for all to view free. Twenty frames and cabinets displayed on the perimeter fence contain artwork by Laura Sanderson in a variety of mediums, usually exploring a theme.

If you are interested in purchasing an item please make an appointment to view the original artwork. Purchases can be made by card or bank transfer. Giclee prints of 2D artwork can be arranged and prices are available on request. To make an appointment please email:

laura@shreenwatergallery.co.uk or shreenwatergallery@gmail.com

To purchase items through the website click on Gallery and then explore the current display, Loving+Living, or the previous ones, Advent, Flourish, Coronation, Heart & Home, A Festive Gift, Adorn, Sign of Our Times, Field by Field, A Celebration, Valentine and By The Sea.

To arrange a commission please use the message facility or send an email to discuss your requirements.

Thank you for your interest